As part of a general initiative to upgrade the quality of the digital experience for key stakeholders at INSEAD, we have developed MyINSEAD, an online platform and mobile solution. In parallel, we are revamping the website so that it is also more personalised and interactive.

Executive Education participants, students and alumni already have begun to benefit from MyINSEAD. They report that it supports their participation in our programmes by making it easy to access information and stay connected. With an array of customized features, the platform delivers a modern, integrated and coherent digital experience that elevates our communications.

An Innovative Approach to Executive Education

Executive Education piloted the MyINSEAD app (known as Study@INSEAD for Exec Ed participants) on tablets and iPads to ensure leading-edge engagement with participants. The devices replace participants’ paper binders with a fully digital interface that enables electronic delivery of documents, notetaking, schedules and course information. The feedback has been excellent: our new sustainable, paperless platform improves participants’ overall experience, specifically pre-course preparation, networking and post-course follow-up.

Along with the enhanced learning environments that the Leadership Development Centre provides, Study@INSEAD has inspired many of our faculty to use technology in more innovative ways with their teaching. Faculty also enrich participants’ learning by presenting new, digital ways to interact in the classroom.

Strengthening Our Global Alumni Network

MyINSEAD encourages and supports our alumni to have a lifelong relationship with our school. Initially, the solution was designed for our extensive global alumni network and now has expanded to our students – to allow for a unified digital experience from admission through to reunions.

For alumni, MyINSEAD brings together a host of key services, including tabs for the alumni directory, event management, social feeds and alumni associations. With the online alumni directory, alumni can update their INSEAD profiles, as well as search for their former classmates by name, geography and industry. Every alumnus also is issued an INSEAD email address to facilitate communication.

MyINSEAD integrates familiar third party solutions such as Eventbrite, Yammer (the social feed from Microsoft) and LinkedIn. Alumni can easily stay in close contact with their local alumni associations, access the INSEAD global network and sign up for institutional events. The social networking features keep alumni up-to-date with the school and each other. Web and mobile compatible, MyINSEAD allows alumni access from a wide range of devices.

Streamlined Information for Students

Our new online platform streamlines pertinent information for our students. With the MyCourses feature, they can track their courses and access a personalised calendar for their assignments and class schedules. Through MyINSEAD, students also receive notifications about projects, exams and evaluations. Once they create a profile, they are given Yammer, Twitter and Knowledge accounts, along with information about upcoming events. With INSEAD’s vast directory, students immediately are welcomed into the alumni network.


Students can access information about career workshops, forums and recruiting events through the MyCareer application. With course information and career opportunities positioned side by side, MyINSEAD encourages students to be strategic as they navigate their INSEAD journey.

Peter Zemsky

With MyINSEAD, we are delivering a world-class digital experience to our community.

Peter Zemsky
Deputy Dean, Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation
Images of two iPhones running Insead Learning Application
MyINSEAD makes student life easier and facilitates alumni’s lifelong engagement with our school.