From the Chairman

During this past year, as Chairman of the Board, I met with alumni from all over the world who shared stories about what an INSEAD education means to them.

Two themes consistently emerge: that INSEAD was a transformational year in their lives and the global perspective that they gained changed the course of their careers. My experiences as an MBA’90 graduate mirror these sentiments and propel me to strive to make meaningful contributions to INSEAD.

As we move forward, it is important to keep in mind how we can continue to draw the best faculty and students to our school. Our unique multi-campus approach, the diversity and academic excellence that our faculty bring and the mix of cultures in our classrooms set INSEAD apart from any other top business school in the world.

As business becomes increasingly global and digitally savvy, we need to maximize these strengths and work together to ensure INSEAD’s position at the forefront of business management education.

To be competitive, we will continue to invest in state-of-the-art facilities for our three campuses – both in the digital arena and infrastructure. This year, the rapid success of the Leadership Development Centre demonstrates how innovative learning spaces paired with leading-edge online educational tools is a winning formula for business education. We can all look forward to more advances in digital learning as INSEAD surges ahead in this area.

We also know that making scholarships available for students from developing and emerging countries will add to our dynamic, multicultural environment and to our understanding of these regions. I believe it is in our best interest to ensure that these markets have globally minded leaders who are knowledgeable about creating value for their countries.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the Annual Report 2015 as much as I have. It highlights all that INSEAD faculty, students, staff and alumni have achieved in the past year and also signals new directions for the future.

As you know, our global alumni network is vast, influential and more and more connected, thanks to the efforts of our highly dedicated constituencies and the Advancement and Alumni Relations team. INSEAD now has more than 50,000 alumni representing 157 nationalities living in 174 countries.We all share a commitment to delivering an education that develops responsible global business leaders who can operate successfully across cultures.

Thank you for your valuable support and contributions to INSEAD over the past year. I look forward to working with you in the future to ensure the continued success of our school’s global strategy.

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Andreas Jacobs

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Andreas Jacobs

From the Dean

I am pleased to share with you the INSEAD Annual Report 2015. This year, we have much to celebrate as many of our initiatives have taken off and exceeded expectations.

We began the year with the opening of the Leadership Development Centre on the Singapore Campus. Offering a rich and diverse learning environment, the Centre quickly has gained a reputation as the premier business innovation and Executive Education hub in the region. The establishment of the Centre marks a milestone for INSEAD as we deepen our commitment to providing relevant, locally-driven business education, not only across Asia, but around the globe.

In this report, we also highlight “Online Learning Solutions”— INSEAD’s foray into enhancing business education with the latest technology. Deputy Dean Peter Zemsky and his team have collaborated with Executive Education to produce award-winning Customised Online Programmes for corporate clients. Our high-end learning solutions promise to disrupt traditional corporate training for business managers in the years to come.

Our recently reconfigured Career Development Centre merits special attention as we now offer students and alumni a more personalized and comprehensive experience for their career journey. Besides better integrating coursework and career goals, career services assign every MBA student a career advisor and provide new alumni and executive services including individual coaching and online support. In 2015, by revitalising employer engagement, we welcomed more than 180 companies to recruit on our three campuses.

Finally, during this academic year, we introduced MyINSEAD, an online platform and mobile solution designed to transform the digital experience for all INSEAD stakeholders. In just a short time, MyINSEAD has facilitated more interactive relationships with alumni, streamlined important information for students and, in the form of Study@INSEAD, created a leading-edge engagement with Executive Education participants.

Beyond these initiatives, this report reflects upon our faculty’s outstanding research and teaching contributions. Every day, our students benefit from their academic rigour, innovative pedagogical approaches and expertise in current business trends.

I encourage you to read this report to gain an even better understanding of all that can be achieved with a truly global business management education. “A World of Talent” will give you a snapshot of our recent graduates’ successes. They join our global alumni network.

As you read the report, we hope you will be convinced that in 2014/15 INSEAD has reached new heights. The growth of our school into becoming a leader in global business education has been made possible by the dedication of our staff and faculty and by the generosity of our alumni and friends. Thank you to all of you who contributed to this success!

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Ilian Mihov

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Ilian Mihov